The terms and conditions of service use shown below (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions", or the "Terms of Use") set forth the terms and conditions agreed between the Publisher. and users of related services by the Publisher.

Once participating in the game means that the player has read, understood, accepted, and complied with the following terms:

  1. Terms in the Agreement

Publisher for short, "We" is the party providing game software services on the Publisher system through Website, WAP, Google Play, and Apple Store.

Users of online game services in the game world are referred to as “You”, “Player” or “Customer”.

Game Services provided by Publishers are referred to as "Services", "Games"

  1. Player terms:

About legal status

All subjects from 18 years of age and older can participate in games, products, and services provided by Publisher.

In the process of participating in the game, there may be words or situations that are not suitable for some young people. We do not guarantee that other players will not provide content that may be deemed inappropriate for that age.

  1. Regulations when registering an account:

When registering an account, you must provide complete and accurate information about your name, address, phone, and ID card number (Note: You must ask to present an ID card with a copy of the ID card of the person registering the account through the system. distributed to the Publisher to keep, in case no or no ID card, must write the ID number of the godfather or mother)… These are mandatory requirements, we will base this information on when there are risks or loss that occurs or to award prizes if you are fortunate enough to receive rewards from products and services provided by Publisher. Incomplete or incorrect information will not be considered.

3.1 Regulations on naming (account name, character name, clan name, ...)

- With one account can create many characters to play in the game. When creating a character, the Player must follow the naming guidelines published on the Game Website.

- Do not name and create symbols related to celebrities, the names of Party and State leaders.

- Not to name and create symbols with reactionary content, anti-religious, pornographic, violent, contrary to fine customs, traditions, and culture of Vietnam.

- Do not name and create icons with offensive content, provoking others in any way.

- Do not name and create icons with content that disrupts or discredits the services provided by us as well as those of Publisher members.

- In addition, the naming is also subject to the supervision of the filter with more than 30,000 words and the Game Master team monitors and records the whistleblower to handle violations.

 3.2 Password (Password)

You need to absolutely keep your password, do not share it with anyone. In any case of password theft or loss, we are not responsible for recovery unless the account information provided during the registration period is completely accurate...

3.3 The following acts are strictly prohibited:

Tamper, hack, access, use or attempt to compromise, hack, access or use any part of the game's servers, and/or any other data area.

Use any program, tool, or other means to interfere with the game or change the normal game results (hacks, cheats, bots...) Taking advantage of Game system bugs (if any) to sabotage or profiteer.

Impersonating other members, Admin, Game Master (GM), and Publisher employees… for the purpose of profiteering. Please note that under no circumstances will the GM or Admin ask you to provide your password and other personal confidential information.

Post or transmit any information that is illegal, deceptive, libelous, humiliating, obscene, pornographic, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, inflammatory, etc., or contrary to ethical standards. society of any kind, including the propagation or promotion of conduct that may constitute a crime or violate any provision of local, national, or foreign law.

Send or transmit any form of advertising, solicitation, chain letter, investment opportunity, or any other form of commercial communication, unless authorized in writing by the Company.

Send or transmit any information or software that contains any viruses, Trojans, or malicious components.

Submit or upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce, or distribute in any way content protected by the Game's copyright and intellectual property laws; or create variations of such content without the written consent of the owner or copyright holder.

You have no right to use the information in the Game, in any form or for any purpose, except as set forth in these Terms of Use.

When a game error is discovered, please notify us immediately through the support channels we provide, which are available for the duration of the Game's operation.

3.4 Use and data protection policy for Facebook accounts

Facebook creates technologies and services to help people connect with each other, build communities, and grow businesses, GOSU uses this amazing Facebook feature to make it easy for you to stay connected. These Terms govern your use of Facebook:

There is no charge for you to use Facebook or other products and services covered by these Terms.

We collect and use account IDs as login identifiers.

We only collect the information necessary to perform an account login, and do not use it for other purposes such as selling to advertisers, nor do we share information that directly identifies you.

We only use key information to create the Facebook login experience.

How do I manage or delete information about you when using the Facebook login app on our site?

How do users want to manage Personal Data such as Add, Hide, and Delete?

How to do it: You access the Facebook Settings feature, select the Apps and websites tab, here will display a list of applications you have agreed to participate in, and select GET for the applications that you do not want to continue. continue to participate.

In addition, if there are any complaints users can contact via email:

  1. General agreements:

4.1 Changes to the content of the game Games, Products, Services

We may - in our sole discretion and at any time - add, modify, or delete any information as well as change the presentation, composition, or functionality of the system without advance notice. If you do not agree with the changes, you can stop using the service. Your continued use of the service means that you agree to such changes.

4.2 Change of regulations

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change any unsuitable terms of the Regulations without prior notice. If you do not agree with the changes, you can stop using the service. Your continued use of the service means that you agree to such changes.

4.3 Disruption of Service

We reserve the right to stop providing services for a certain period of time to repair and maintain machines and will notify players in advance on the game's official Website or Fanpage. We do not guarantee players that you will connect to our service at any time.

You acknowledge that our service may be interrupted by reasons beyond your control such as: short-circuit, natural disaster, fire... We will not be responsible for service interruptions, delays, or inability to provide services for any of the above reasons.

4.4 Prohibited access

We reserve the right, at any time, to prohibit or deny your access to the game or any part of the system immediately and without notice if we believe that you have violated the violate any of the terms of the policy

4.5 User Support Policy

- In the process of participating in the game, if you encounter any problems or have problems that need GM's help and support; please immediately notify GM or support call center within 7 days from the date of error or problem.

- If more than 7 days without notice or late notice, we have the right not to support that case.

- When receiving the error message, the latest support time for you is within 12 Hours for weekdays and 24 Hours for weekends and holidays.

4.6 Regulations on Compensation

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless PUBLISHER, its Directors, employees, shareholders, agents, customers, and partners from all cases of loss, claim, expense, or loss. fees (including reasonable attorneys' fees) charged by any third party arising in connection with your use of the service, your breach of any of the Terms of the agreement, or any other user rights.

4.7 End of service

You may discontinue the use of your account at any time without prior notice and without liability. reserves the right to suspend your account for investigation or to cancel for violation action. If the service is canceled, you must accept the following terms: the right to terminate your account immediately and to give advance notice if you violate any of the terms of this

Agreement or otherwise violate the terms and conditions of this Agreement. rules in the game.

4.8 Third-Party Information

The information provided in the Game system may contain information from third parties or be culled from other sources. Such information should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the Game for any person, product, or service.

PUBLISHER does not independently verify the information and is not responsible if third-party information is not up to date; Accordingly, we do not accept any responsibility for such information. You use or place reliance on such information at your own knowledge, responsibility, and risk.

4.9 Links to and from the Game system

Links from the Game's system may lead you to other websites. You acknowledge and agree that PUBLISHER is not responsible for the accuracy or value of any information provided by linked websites.

Links to other websites do not constitute an endorsement by PUBLISHER of the information, products, advertisements, or other materials contained on such websites.

4.10 Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights exist in the game system The game belongs to the publisher or is legally licensed to the publisher to use in this system. Accordingly, all legal rights are guaranteed. Except with the Publisher's written consent, you may not upload, post, publish, reproduce, transmit, or distribute in any way any component of the Online Game system or create modifications of the content provided in the Online Game.

You agree to our freedom to use, publish, adapt, and modify any ideas, concepts, practices, suggestions, suggestions, comments, or other communications and information provided by you. give us ("Feedback") in connection with the game and/or the Game's services completely free of charge. You waive and agree to waive any right and claim to any gratuities, fees, royalties, fees, and/or other payments in connection with our use, publication, use, and/or modify any or all of your feedback.

4.11 User Information

For some services, the Game system requires users to register. We may use this information to send you notifications about products and services or promotions via email or postal mail. We may also use this information to conduct investigations (For example, to notify service changes in the system, to notify about promotions, or other humanitarian and social actions). We maintain a "NO SPAM" policy and do not share, sell or otherwise give away your emails to third parties without your consent.

PUBLISHER will only release the user's personal information and/or IP address when required by Vietnamese law and to do the really necessary things as follows:

Coordinate with investigative agencies to find out illegal activities related to information dissemination and network security.

Protect the rights and property related to the Game system and Game visitors. Identification of people who intentionally violate information laws and cyber security.

Satisfy the user's own requirements.

We are only responsible when the information is being kept confidential by PUBLISHER. When information has been transferred to a third party in accordance with the above agreemens of the Regulation, the confidentiality of information is beyond our ability and is not the responsibility of the PUBLISHER at all.

4.12 Limitation of Liability and Warranties

You act and have complete confidence in your skill and judgment with respect to the use and understanding of information in the Game system. You are responsible for ensuring that the use of your information complies with all applicable legal requirements.

The limitation of liability in the regulation shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

4.13 Applicable Law

The above provisions shall be enforced in accordance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. By using the Services in the Game, you automatically accept the terms of this policy. We operate completely within the framework of Vietnamese laws and commit to complying with the laws of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The above terms are consistent with current laws and ensure the highest interests of users of Publisher Services.

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